Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Judge of Child - Part Two

Meanwhile, the Winy Child was making a map of the world!!!!!!!

The Winy Child examined it.  "Ready!!!!!!" he shouted.

When he thought he was done with the map he called the rest of the Childs to his bedroom where he was sitting with his map......

Of course......Socks was the first one there because of his super pet legs!!!!!!

After a while the Winy Child looked at his watch and said "Oh right, I forgot they were at the beach!!!!!!"

So they went to the beach.

The Winy Child found Dexy......she was in a blue swimsuit sunbathing......The Winy Child said "Have you seen Gorel, Socks, Cal, Cavs, Carvano, Sally or Max?"

Then she said "Gorel is diving, Cavs is surfing with Carvano, Sally and Max are playing frisbee, Socks and Cal are playing fetch...And where's Pepper?  Then she smiled and laid back down......

When the Winy Child had found Cavs, Carvano, Dexy, Gorel, Sally and Max, he led them to the boardwalk......"First we start our mission home!!!!!!"  But there was one slight problem.  "Where's Pepper?!?!?!" he acked.  "Where's socks and Cal?!?!?!" wondered Dexy. "I went to college for this?" wondered Max.

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