Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Judge of Child - Part One

Another day, Pepper was sound asleep.  The orange sunrise came up.  Everything was still.  Socks came up to Pepper.

"Wake Up!!" Socks barked loudly

Pepper zoomed out of bed.  he was startled.  Socks looked up at him and covered his eyes.

Socks pointed at Pepper and said "Morning, Peps". Then he turned and walked away...  "Hahaha very funny" Pepper called after him....he was still clinging to the ceiling from Sock's yell...

Then, SPLAT!!!!!!  The Winy Child walked up to Pepper.  "Pepper!!!!!" the Winy Child said nervously.  Pepper said "Don't ask..."

"Really...." the Winy Child whined.

Once Pepper got off the floor he said " I know...I'll go outside!!!!!"

But little did he know, he was behind him.

Sadly, he got Pepper.

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