Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Socks vs. Monday

"What are you doin?"
"Just getting my spot in line"

"All prayers to god!  And god send me an email because I have to go to the grocery store"
"It's Christmas...Deck the halls and spread a rumor about Santa"

"Look, a Christmas card."
"The card says 'I Love Sushi' "
"Her sister..."
"Sigh...Five more days, Pepper"

" I don't have my lines.  What's this comic all about?"
"Fine...He does that when he wants in"

"Twas the night before Christmas, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.  And Santa was packing his sleigh.  But sadly he didn't have enough toys.  So he had to do a little online shopping"

"Ever stretch this long? Or have this happen to you?"
"Is the pool closed?"
"Yeah, SHARK!!!"
"The simple pleasures are the best ones"

"What's the matter, Rusty?"
"My aunt is coming to visit"
"What's so bad about that?"
"This is what she did to my wife"
"Good point"

"As you can see, I ate 10 French fry bites before we went on the Screamin Weevil"

"Hey dog!"
"You're stupid...wait, before you swat me could you give me a last cigarette?"
"No". SMACK. "Those things can kill you"

"And the race is on!!!  ...And the race hurts"
"Slide 1, Pepper 0"
"Whatcha doin?"
"Playing with the camera"

"I love parks!  Birds singing...Pepper smacking himself into me from the swing..."
"I'll get the chisel"

"Say Doc, how's Pepper?"
"How are you?"
"Ok if I pay by check?"
"How about a date?"
"Trick didn't work"

"Wait for it...BURP!!!!!"
"Maybe that rootbeer wasn't such a good idea"

"Age is a state of mind...with a healthy dose of denial"
"Pepper, you may do anything you like...but stay out of my underwear!!!!"
"Why, I'm a boxer!"

"Uh hi...put glue on his tummy and hugged his present"

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Judge of Child - Part Four

Meanwhile, everyone was looking for Pepper.  "No Siree" said Dexy

"You're kidding!" he said.

"We're not kiddin" said Dexy.

"But...but..." he mumbled.

He went into a trance......

And fainted......

(  all goes dark)

"Wake up!!"

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Judge of Child - Part Three

Meanwhile, the dog catcher ( Jeff) was telling Pepper some Rules, like "Listen to me" and "Be polite" and "Don't comment on my hairstyle ( I'm going through phases)".  Then Pepper said "Come here, you little Jeffy..." he said waving his finger towards himself.

Then Pepper said "Your dog catching skills need work but your crying like a baby skills are awesome!!!!!!"

Up next - Will Pepper survive?  Or, will Jeff get his revenge?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Judge of Child - Part Two

Meanwhile, the Winy Child was making a map of the world!!!!!!!

The Winy Child examined it.  "Ready!!!!!!" he shouted.

When he thought he was done with the map he called the rest of the Childs to his bedroom where he was sitting with his map......

Of course......Socks was the first one there because of his super pet legs!!!!!!

After a while the Winy Child looked at his watch and said "Oh right, I forgot they were at the beach!!!!!!"

So they went to the beach.

The Winy Child found Dexy......she was in a blue swimsuit sunbathing......The Winy Child said "Have you seen Gorel, Socks, Cal, Cavs, Carvano, Sally or Max?"

Then she said "Gorel is diving, Cavs is surfing with Carvano, Sally and Max are playing frisbee, Socks and Cal are playing fetch...And where's Pepper?  Then she smiled and laid back down......

When the Winy Child had found Cavs, Carvano, Dexy, Gorel, Sally and Max, he led them to the boardwalk......"First we start our mission home!!!!!!"  But there was one slight problem.  "Where's Pepper?!?!?!" he acked.  "Where's socks and Cal?!?!?!" wondered Dexy. "I went to college for this?" wondered Max.

Judge of Child - Part One

Another day, Pepper was sound asleep.  The orange sunrise came up.  Everything was still.  Socks came up to Pepper.

"Wake Up!!" Socks barked loudly

Pepper zoomed out of bed.  he was startled.  Socks looked up at him and covered his eyes.

Socks pointed at Pepper and said "Morning, Peps". Then he turned and walked away...  "Hahaha very funny" Pepper called after him....he was still clinging to the ceiling from Sock's yell...

Then, SPLAT!!!!!!  The Winy Child walked up to Pepper.  "Pepper!!!!!" the Winy Child said nervously.  Pepper said "Don't ask..."

"Really...." the Winy Child whined.

Once Pepper got off the floor he said " I know...I'll go outside!!!!!"

But little did he know, he was behind him.

Sadly, he got Pepper.