Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Paw Re-lives ( Part 1)

One day Pepper was asleep on his 1940's throw rug.  The beautiful sunrise signaled him to get up.  The Winy Child and Socks brought him breakfast.  The Winy Child had a donut and coffee.  Socks had the morning paper,

Then Pepper ate his breakfast.

And then he was ready to conquer the neighborhood!

Then he stormed outside.

Then after they had walked a while, Pepper noticed a grave.
"What is that grave of?" said Pepper.
"That is the grave of Catzilla!" said the Winy Child in his evilist voice.
"What is that hole going inside?" said Dexy.
"Shall we go in and find out?" said Gorel.

Then they went in......They went through some pipes

They go through a long, thin tube.

Then they saw an evil rat.

But luckily Pepper knew taekwondo.  So.....he was very easy to catch.

Then behind the evil rat was...


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  1. WOW! that pipe scene was INTENSE, O! and i love the mixed media on the second panel. you are really developing a style, my little friend. i drink out of your mug solely on weekends. i have your newsletter to catch up on this weekend... with my cuppa joe in your mug by my side. thank you for being so bright and shiny, O. i hope you and all your pets and your mom and dad have a WONDERFUL thanksgiving!