Thursday, August 30, 2012

Safe at Home

One night Pepper was snoring but he heard a creak that woke him up from his nap.

He listened again. CREAK! Pepper heard the creak.  He raced over to Socks.
"What is it, Pepper?" Socks moaned.
"I heard 2 creaks!" said Pepper.
"Come on.  I'll show you there are no things to be afraid of at night" said Socks.

CLICK.   Socks turned on the light switch.
"See?  It's just a book getting into the bookshelf" said Socks.


Monday, August 20, 2012


One day the Winy Child zoomed back from the library with a book about mining.  He said the story was amazing.

He started to read.  It dated back to 1851 BC.  He started it.  He said that one day Eric Onelon went up a canyon to find a mine full of gold but it was guarded by hyenas.

He took out his sword but then no one heard from him.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pepper at the Dog Park

One day the Winy Child decided to take Pepper to the dog park

First, the Winy Child threw the ball ( which Pepper caught using a skateboard)

Then he threw the stick ( which Pepper caught using fake extension arms)

Then the Winy Child was tired and famished

So, they went home and had their meals...

...and their naps.

Just like the Winy Child wanted.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Skating Day

One day the Whiny Child was reading the newspaper.  "Hey!" he exclaimed.  "They have an ad for a skateboard contest.  Let's enter!"

Before you knew it, Pepper was at the starting line ready to go!

Then it happened.  The speaker said "Go!", and Pepper zoomed off!

"Uh-oh" said Pepper.  He had to jump a ramp!

But he made it, and won!

Because practice makes perfect!