Thursday, May 24, 2012

Soks goes to a magic shop

Winy Child - We're goeg to the magic shop
Soks - I'm so happy I culd just barf
Soks - You can hear that sarcazum folks.  I HAVE to do it

Winy Child - Lets go!
Winy Child slams door on Soks.  Soks sees stars, leaves through pet door

at the magic shop...
Wizard - We have evry magic trik.  Thairs my dog Merlin
Soks - Ladys and girms - the 200 yard dash!
Merlin dog - grrrrrrr
Soks - Or not!
Cat and dog fight
Soks - aaaaaaa!

Soks is on the wall, then the ceiling.  Merlin dog looks up at him with stretchy eyeballs

The end

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